We love writing about gigs

Our website is built upon gig reviews, it’s the reason why we started everything here at Gigs Pig. For years our intrepid reviewers have been heading out into the all weathers to report back on stunning gigs, and some not so amazing gigs! If there is original live music happening in Liverpool, we’re normally there!

We always try to keep an open mind when reviewing, keeping objective and not letting personal tastes cloud any musical judgement. We look at performance, originality and musical ability. Our reviewers span the whole music spectrum and many of them are using their own personal time to head out to write about gigs.

If you’re in a band and would like a gig covered by us, drop us a line. We can’t cover everything (although we would like to) so the earlier you can tell us about a gig, the more chance we can get a reviewer down to your gig.

If you fancy yourself as a gig reviewer, we would love to chat with you. Send us a message or contact us via social media.