Shipwrecker & The Jupiter Blues At The Kazimier Stockroom

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Shipwrecker Band

Tonight I was heading down to the delightful Kazimier Stockroom venue, located inside the even more delightful Kazimier Gardens. Taking my ears and eyes down to check out Shipwrecker perform songs from their recently released second EP “Elevator Sessions II” with support coming from The Jupiter Blues.

Shipwrecker have a lovely story about a few friends jamming, then recording and finding a lead singer at the last minute so they could perform a ‘one off gig’ to showcase their sounds. Isn’t it great that music can still do that? Brilliant. Also, mention to an old bastard music geek like me that, it’s a ‘one off’ – I’m there.

The Kazimier Gardens looked resplendent in the summer evening, lights glowing, people chilled and here for a good time. The Stockroom venue, if you haven’t been already is exactly what it says, a former Stockroom. Enough room for a well equipped stage, a small bar and standing room for around 80 people – the gig was a sell out, so pre gig atmosphere and ambiance was perfect.

Support for the night came from The Jupiter Blues, a band I hadn’t seen before and who were more than ready to shake down the waiting crowd.

A rocking 4 piece armed with a lead singer that’s going to shake your bones. If you don’t twitch in response to their tunes, you have no pulse.

Jupiter Blues Band

The Jupiter Blues are bits of all the good rock and roll music you ever wanted in your life. Great guitar hooks, bass and drums driving that dirty beat and a lead that is here to entertain. Music tight as you like, and a vocal here to perform, and then some. That’s what I want from a rock & roll band. Black Crows, Stones and White Denim, or maybe just The Jupiter Blues.

Head out and see them, in the meantime get some Jupiter Blues on Spotify, Facebook and YouTube

Jupiter Blues

After a quick wander outside into the gardens for refreshments and a few gulps of summer evening air, I quickly returned into the Stockroom to check out the headline band – Shipwrecker.

A tightly packed audience all ready to see what the band had to offer. My understanding is that it was their first gig together, you really could not tell. Opening up with powerful riffs and vocals that sat on top of the music like a well iced cake – a big bloody rock cake.

From the first few songs I could hear it was a perfect match of musical influences. Classic rock guitar riffs, the kind I like, prominent and chasing vocals. Awesome drums and bass really give Shipwrecker a meaty sound you want to turn right up.

Shipwrecker Band in Liverpool

The lead singer really does need a mention here. If this guy has dropped in last minute to complete the band, serendipity has struck big time. Fronting the band with all the confidence a band would ever need, this guy has a voice to make most songs anthem like – Siren Song a good example.

Shipwrecker at Kazimer Stockrooms

Shipwrecker bring a lot on to the stage, it’s hard to give a clear comparison to other bands because to me there is lots going on, and that’s a good thing. You can really hear the classic rock influences, Free, Bad Company but then you get moments of Deep Purple and a more full rock sound.

Why not take a listen and decide for yourself, check Shipwrecker out on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Facebook

I hope Shipwrecker don’t make this a one off gig, they should jump back on that stage soon they have a lot to offer.

Come on guys give us another gig(s).

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