Open Mic Night – Good or Bad?

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There seems to be a wave of ‘open mic’ nights sprouting up everywhere. Maybe it’s a case of people embracing social networks to promote their events or even the fact that I have started to look for them that is making me think there has been an increase. So what, I hear you mumble. It’s a good thing, right? Just another platform for people to air their music to an audience. An opportunity for bedroom musicians to get out the house and vent their experimental vibrations onto others. I know of some very good open mic nights around the city which give the musician an appreciative audience and also offer encouragement to their music, also a great place to maybe find new band members or get gigs. I get all that, I see where that is coming from and long may they live.

However, I do feel some are jumping on the bandwagon to get free music into their venues. Supply a P.A system and a stool and they have free music to offer punters through the night. Hostile crowds, no payment and a sound system that is beyond shite. What started out as a great concept is slowly becoming soiled by people taking advantage of something that is beautiful and anomalous, music.

Or is it just a laugh, a place to play music to people and enjoy a crowd? Start looking around at who is advertising these nights and draw your own conclusions.


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