What is Punk?

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What is punk? An infamous question once asked around a local music forum before the days of social networks. But the question still remains valid to this day, can you define the punk sound? The Oxford Dictionary tells us this: a loud, fast-moving, and aggressive form of rock music, popular in the late 1970. To me it’s never been a form of rock music, nor a form of any music.
It’s not the unwanted offspring created from a one night stand in the back of a Ford Cortina by pop & rock after a few too many. In fact punk as a genre stands alone, like an erection in an erectile dysfunction clinic. In many ways it comes from the same blood as the blues, both are Asexual, rising up from the ground pure and emotion filled.

It’s like drinking a full glass of cordial without the water dilution, even the mildest mannered folk of the world must get some kind of inner soul stirrings when they hear the hiss of the Dead Kennedys or a dirty Sex Pistols chord change, if you don’t you’re dead; bury yourself.

‘Punk is easy’ say the real musicians, punk is looked down on and frowned upon. Not enough chords, not long enough, not clever enough. But that’s the point of punk, it’s an emotion made into sound. Think of something you really want to say to someone, or say to society as a whole. Think of that time you bit your lip before you said something. Think of the last time you really really wanted something, only to find out you couldn’t have it. Think of the worst thing that has ever happened to you and no matter how much you punched the wall that feeling wouldn’t go away.

That feeling is punk.



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