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In this day and age, it seems like the key to recognition in the music world is to mildly or not-so-mildly reference the seaside, the sea, or anything affiliated (Swim Deep, Best Coast, I could go on). Although Caves isn’t a direct affiliation, it’s close enough, right?! Due to my complete contradiction in music taste (it really does span far), I was excited to give them a listen, as I’ve a keen ear for new music – particularly when it comes to your indie boy band (not-so-secret fangirl over here). These guys are pretty darn cool, their description on Facebook is nothing more than: “It’s all music.”, which is a good job, really. This wasn’t written out-of-term, as their collection of songs didn’t disappoint.

I’m going to start off with their song entitled “Oh Amy”; which I have to say slightly confused me to begin with, mainly because I thought it was going to break into Wonderwall (you’ll get it if you listen!). To my relief, it didn’t, and diverts into something quite different. This song involves punchy guitar chords and is a general all-round, feel good song “about a girl”. At around 0.36 seconds, the song really turns a corner and becomes more Rock than anything. If you’re looking for an easy song to boogie to alone in your room, rocking nothing but your undies, this may be it.

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Contradicting “Oh Amy” entirely is “Love is”. Gone is the punchiness and a more meaningful and toned down sound is brought to the table. I am extremely fond of their diversity, and enjoy the clash of the two very different songs.

“Love is” is quite a difficult one to describe and to compare – as it is quite different and out there. The closest I came to a comparison was sounds you’d expect to hear from the likes Swim Deep. Oh, the irony. This track involves echo-y vocals, which I’m not sure are intentional but work nevertheless.

However, not straying too far from their trademark sound, the song converts back into the almost jumpy, feel good tune they’re known for. I imagine this song was written for an ex-girlfriend or for the “Rejecter”. Yep, definitely written by a “Rejectee”. I only say this due to lyrics such as: “Lonely, now I’m so lonely” – but hey, we all have heartbreak in our lives, most of us just don’t have the chance (or should I say voice) to be able to record our troubles!

Although I liked Caves, I felt as though their tracks were slightly out-dated for the vast amount of new and emerging indie/rock artists. I say this as I felt as though I could have been listening to them circa 2009, when this sort of stuff was rife, and we’d all listen to it and feel so alternative.

These days, you have to do a lot to get your name out there, and I felt as though Caves lacked that little “something”. Regardless, I’ll be checking them out on the 21st of February at the Zanzibar in Liverpool to see how they perform live. Should be a good one – check it out y’all.


Reviewed By: Jen Atkins  | Follow Jen on Twitter


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