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You know that feeling you get when you smell salt in the air or cookies in HypnoBeamthe oven and you’re just instantly transported back into the past, back into your little muddy wellies or your Nan’s homely kitchen? Back into times of childlike happiness that you took so much for granted that they haven’t crossed your mind since you were experiencing them? That nostalgic, half-happy half-sad feeling that envelops you for a second, then rushes back into the forgotten corner of your mind, only to be recalled randomly by cryptic triggers? That’s how I feel when I listen to HypnoBeam. I simply can’t describe it in a more concise way, because it baffles even me.

Their sound has such a melancholy quality, even when the beat pounds and the notes go up, up, up, or the guitar screams and the vocals become gritty and biting. It’s rather lovely.

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There is a consistent pace to each of their songs, with a focus on the drums and guitar work that seems reminiscent of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, only perhaps less red hot and more lukewarm. I was struck by their instrumental work, particularly in ‘Candidate’, which, like all their songs, has impressive vocals provided by a talented singer and a fine balance between instrument and voice. The rhyme scheme was a bit stilted but I’m more of an A-B-A-B girl myself. Overall: a good sound. They have my approval, congrats to them; I’m sure they’ll all throw a party and name their first borns after me.

In terms of criticisms, I can only find two. Firstly, the lyrics were a little repetitive in places, which was obviously because they were so damn good that they had to be said more than once, I’m sure. Secondly, they could have chosen a sexier name than ‘Christine’ for their song. Maybe they just fancy Christine Bleakley, even though she’s getting on a bit. Maybe they were just trying to find something to rhyme with ‘pristine’ (Tristine? Shmistine? Are those names?). Or maybe I’m just being picky because Christine just happens to be the name of my old maths teacher, who most certainly did not have the ‘sweetest smile that I have ever saw’ because she was a serial chain smoker. But I suppose that’s my issue. Other than that, I can’t really fault them.

So, on the whole, the sound of the band perfectly befits their title: languid, hypnotic, and undoubtedly cool. HypnoBeam are going to entrance every ear they reach.

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Reviewed by: Meg Morgan


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