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The first time I listened to Paul Wilkes was late at night after one of those long days where every tenPaul-WIlkes seconds presented another inconvenience which accumulated into trivial self pity. Ordinarily this mood would take me to a band like Motion City Soundtrack to hear Justin Pierre’s fast paced yet melodic exclamations all along the lines of ‘I wish I was someone else’. But that night I listened to Paul Wilkes and was immediately soothed by his calming tracks. ‘Bluebird’ had a particular resonance with me. The combination of powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics work beautifully together to create a truly engaging yet calming three and a half minutes.

Music is of course the greatest way to ‘make a connection’ and Wilkes is an ideal example of why this is the case.

I am now listening to Paul Wilkes again in an already peaceful mood, watching the rain rolling down the window and thoroughly enjoying the uplifting effect of Wilkes’ voice combined with the cinematic music which accompanies it. Anybody who listens to music as often as I do will know that within their music library is an array of different sounds to match the myriad of emotions which we feel as humans. Evidently, Paul Wilkes will fit quite nicely into a variety of these moods.
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Though ‘Last Wish’ has a more explicitly depressing nature, I would still describe it as peaceful listening. Not that the vocals are not heartfelt, but the music and melodies are just so beautifully uplifting that they provide a feeling of understanding and connection which overrides the loneliness which could be felt during a song which features such lyrics.

The uplifting and serene tone which I have described Wilkes’ music to display is most evident in ‘River Running With Me’. It is almost impossible not to sway and sing along to this wonderful song. Wilkes is an artist well worth a listen, despite the mood you find yourself in whilst reading this!

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Review by: Ellie Roberts | Follow Ellie on Twitter & Tumblr

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