Cast is a British rock band that emerged in the early 1990s as part of the Britpop movement. The band’s lineup consists of John Power (vocals, guitar), Liam “Skin” Tyson (lead guitar), Peter Wilkinson (bass), and Keith O’Neill (drums).

Formed in Liverpool in 1992, Cast quickly gained a following with their energetic live shows and catchy melodies. Their first single, “Finetime,” was released in 1995 and became a hit in the UK, reaching the top 20 of the charts. The band’s debut album, “All Change,” followed later that year and was a commercial success, going on to sell over one million copies.

Cast’s music is characterized by a blend of classic rock influences, such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, with modern alternative rock sounds. John Power’s songwriting and powerful vocals are a major part of the band’s appeal, along with the tight instrumentation and harmonies provided by the rest of the group.

Throughout their career, Cast has released several successful albums and singles, and has toured extensively both in the UK and internationally. Their discography includes:


  1. All Change (1995)
  2. Mother Nature Calls (1997)
  3. Magic Hour (1999)
  4. Beetroot (2001)
  5. Troubled Times (2012)
  6. Kicking Up the Dust (2017)
  7. Vigesimus (2022)

“All Change” was Cast’s breakthrough album, featuring hit singles like “Finetime,” “Alright,” and “Sandstorm.” The album’s catchy melodies and upbeat energy made it a favorite among fans of Britpop, and it remains a classic of the genre.

“Mother Nature Calls” followed in 1997, featuring more of Cast’s signature sound with tracks like “Free Me” and “Live the Dream.” “Magic Hour” came two years later, with a more experimental and atmospheric sound that showcased the band’s evolving style.

“Beetroot,” released in 2001, marked a departure from the band’s earlier sound, featuring a more acoustic and introspective approach. After a hiatus, Cast returned in 2012 with “Troubled Times,” an album that reflected on the state of the world and featured politically charged tracks like “See That Girl” and “Soul Tied.”

“Kicking Up the Dust” was released in 2017 and showcased a return to the band’s classic sound, with tracks like “Do That” and “Further Down the Road” capturing the energy and spirit of their earlier work. In 2022, Cast released “Vigesimus,” a compilation album celebrating their 20th anniversary.

Cast’s legacy as one of the most beloved and influential bands of the Britpop era is secure, and their music continues to inspire and delight fans around the world. Whether you’re a longtime devotee or a newcomer to their sound, their discography offers a wealth of great music to discover and enjoy.