The Farm

The Farm

The Farm was a British band that emerged in the late 1980s and rose to prominence in the early 1990s. The group was known for their unique blend of rock, dance, and pop music, and their catchy, uplifting tunes that often featured socially conscious lyrics. The Farm’s success was short-lived, but their impact on the British music scene and their devoted fan base have ensured their place in music history.

The Farm was formed in Liverpool in 1983, originally consisting of Peter Hooton (vocals), Steve Grimes (guitar), Carl Hunter (bass), and Roy Boulter (drums). The band initially started as a political collective, with a focus on anti-racism and social justice. They were influenced by a range of music genres, from reggae and ska to punk and rock, which would later become evident in their music.

The band’s first release was a self-funded single, “Hearts and Minds”, in 1986, which gained them some local attention. Their breakthrough came in 1990 with their debut album “Spartacus”, which reached number one on the UK album charts and sold over a million copies. The album featured the hit singles “Groovy Train” and “All Together Now”, which became anthems for the “Madchester” scene of the early 1990s.

The Farm’s success continued with their follow-up album, “Love See No Colour”, released in 1992, which also reached the UK top ten. The album featured the singles “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Rising Sun”, which addressed themes of racism and inequality.

The band’s third album, “Hullabaloo”, was released in 1994, but failed to match the success of their previous two albums. The group’s sound had evolved and incorporated elements of hip-hop and electronic music, but it was met with mixed reviews and poor sales. The band subsequently went on hiatus, with members pursuing other projects.

In 2004, The Farm reunited and released a new album, “All Together Now”, featuring new material and re-recordings of their classic tracks. The album was well received by fans, but failed to make a significant impact on the charts.

Despite their short-lived commercial success, The Farm’s legacy continues to be felt in the British music scene, particularly in Liverpool where they remain a beloved band. Their fusion of rock, pop, and dance music, along with their socially conscious lyrics, paved the way for future acts that would explore similar genres and themes.


  1. Spartacus (1990)
  2. Love See No Colour (1992)
  3. Hullabaloo (1994)
  4. All Together Now (2004)