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Music recording studios in Liverpool

Music recording studios in Liverpool

It’s time to get into the studio

It’s only a matter of time. That moment when all of a sudden you have a set full of music and you’re ready to grab yourself a gig, but to do that you need to be armed with a kick arse demo to wow the venue promoters.

You want to get your tracks down, something to push out to your fans and most of all you want that studio experience.

It’s part of being in a band, it’s one of the high points of being an artist, to play around with your music until it sounds just how you want it.

Luckily, if you’re based in Liverpool, not only do you have some great venues to get gigs, but we are totally¬†spoilt for choice when it comes to recording studios to get your music demos made or if you’re already an established band or artist, a studio to get your albums recorded.

As ever here at The Gigs Pig, we do things a bit different. We haven’t just compiled a boring list of URL’s for you to aimlessly click through, we have asked each recording studio a few questions about them, and their setup so you can at least get an initial feel for their offerings.

Check through the list of recording studios in the menu, there should be something there for everyone. We will be adding more studios to the list so be sure to keep checking back.

We have also taken into consideration that not everyone who visits is located in Liverpool city centre, so we will include studios that are located on the fringes of Liverpool and close surrounding areas.

Get your recorded music reviewed

Once you have been in the studio and recorded your tracks, why not pop them along to us and we can give you a demo review. You can either post out a demo to us (old skool) or drop us a link to some uploaded tracks (Soundcloud etc) and we shall cast our piggy ears over them.

Also if you know of a Liverpool (or surrounding areas) recording studio and you think it worthy of a listing, please drop us a line and let us know.

And don’t forget, wearing sunglasses in the studio, is perfectly acceptable.

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