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You live for music, eh?

Like every other music website we are always seeking volunteer music reviewers. However, we are different because we are a pig, what more could you possibly want in life? If you’re interested in getting exposure to your written work, like loud music (and quiet) can get out and about to gigs in Liverpool (or sit at home with your curtains closed listening to music) then we would be happy to chat with you.

By writing for the Gigs Pig your opinion won’t be restricted and neither will your words. We are looking for reviewers who are raw and not afraid to snap a pencil and wave a fist in the air every so often. Plus, it won’t be just music, it could be a music venue or person that we want an opinion on.

With a cracking social network and a hefty flock of people coming to the website, your work will be sure to get noticed.

We will love you a bit

Once you become a Gigs Pig reviewer we will love you. Not in a weird way.

We will get you into gigs for free or get you in front of the newest sounds from Liverpool, we will buy you a drink and we may possibly go all out and get you the most sought after t shirt on this planet – a Gigs Pig T shirt.


We will spread your musings across our website, our social networks and tell our nan all about you.

In return, all we ask:

  • If you say you will review something, you actually do.

That’s it. Just one friggin bullet point.

However, not anyone can review, not everyone has that special way of transferring sound to words.

Tell us about you, apply now.


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