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Gig and demo review submissions

Gig & Demo Review Submissions

We love a music review. Hell, so much we made a website that does just that – review music.

However, we do have to have a process to review, you know, to keep mayhem at the door. We don’t have many rules so here goes, if you want a gig or demo review please follow the below guidance and before you know it you will see one of our shiny faces at your gig or our floppy ears around your demo.

Gig Reviews

If you’re after one of our reviewers to head down to your gig in Liverpool, please follow the below points:

  • Give as much notice as you can! We have to get everything planned in advance, dropping us a message a night before a gig asking us to come down probably won’t work.
  • Information, information and information! Let us know where you’re playing, what time you expect to be on and who else is on the line up. Also any additional promotion information you can supply may result in us promoting the gig across our website and social.
  • Our reviewers are humble souls but we expect you to try your best to get us on a guest list for the event. Get our name on the door and we will be there.
  • We review with an honest pen. Don’t think just because you have requested a reviewer to your gig, the review will be glowing. We always give a fair review of any gigs we watch, so if it’s not the review you wanted and dreamed for; don’t get salty.

Demo Reviews

If you’re seeking an opinion on your music, either in a demo or album format, please follow the below guidelines.

  • The easiest way to get your demo to us is via the magic of the world wide web. Music on SoundCloud, Bandcamp and the like work just great. If you have them hosted on your website, that’s all good too. Send the links to a full demo/album or single tracks. But make sure they work and it’s clear what music you want reviewed.
  • Listening to music is awesome, but what’s even better is having some video to relate to when listening. If you have any video footage please also include as it helps the reviewer get a nice big picture of you or your band – lovely.
  • Let us know if you have any gigs planned.
  • Let us know a background on you or your band.
  • As with the gig reviews, we are very honest (in a constructive way) about any demos we review. If the demo review isn’t exactly the demo review you hoped and dreamed about; don’t get salty.


All clear? Ace. Now head over to our contact us page, drop us a line and let’s get this thing rolling.


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